Jingshu Zhu, ‘Unqueer’ kinship? Critical reflections on ‘marriage fraud’ in mainland China, Sexualities, 2017, 10.1177/1363460717719240.
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This article explores the controversial kinship practice in mainland China of ‘gay’ men marrying unwitting women. It questions the ‘marriage fraud’ discourse that condemns the men involved while pitying their wives, or tongqis. Taking an ethnographic approach, this article considers the major flaws of this popular discourse: the idealized-package of marriage–love–sex, the oft-neglected difficulties of living outside marriage, and most importantly, the essentialization of homosexuality. It also examines the im/possibility for married ‘gay’ men to be honest in their marriages. Finally, it cautions that honesty, if used as a decontextualized ethical yardstick for queer kinship, may obscure the racist and homophobic prejudices that exist both outside and inside queer communities. Accordingly, this article proposes that we shift to ‘opacity’ as an epistemological, methodological and ethical parameter that radically queers kinship (studies).


(Forthcoming)  “We’re Not Cheaters”: Polyamory, Mixed-Orientation Marriage and the Construction of Radical Honesty, Graduate Journal of Social Science, 2017.


This paper discusses through self-reflexive ethnography the notion of radical honesty and an assembly of issues around it, including gay closet, bisexual erasure, marital fidelity, polyamory and the research ethics. Three phenomena in different contexts converge in the author’s academic and intimate life: polyamorists’ dissociation with “cheating” by valuing “responsible/ethical non-monogamy”, the denunciation of Chinese same-sex-attracted men for “deceiving” their straight wives (tongqis), and the pressure on the researcher to disclose certain privacies in order to obtain “informed consent” in her fieldwork. This paper shows how “cheating” is Othered in hetero-monogamous marriage, Chinese gay communities, tongqi groups, polyamorists and the academia in different yet interconnected ways. It contextualizes and problematizes the individualistic tendencies and the exclusionary effects in the rising discourse of radical honesty. It also questions the universality of the values of authenticity, transparency and verbal communication in these situations. In the end, this paper suggests several possibilities to rethink radical honesty.


Xiaofei Guo and Jingshu Zhu, Silent Changes: Transsexuals’ Right to Marry in China’s Mainland and Hong Kong, Frontiers of Law in China, 2016, vol. 11 (3), 432-444.
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In comparison to the arduous process of rights advocacy in Hong Kong, transsexuals in China’s mainland achieved their right to marry via some “silent changes”: there was no legal activism from transsexual communities, no debates or hearings in the legislature, and no landmark judgments made by the judiciary. From a perspective of comparative law, this article attempts to analyze the legal changes regarding transsexuals’ right to marry in China’s mainland in light of the struggles in Hong Kong. It endeavors to discuss to what extent the seemingly “smooth” and “unintended” way of opening up marriage to transsexuals in China’s mainland could be beneficial to trans rights and equality in general.


中国青年研究, 2016年10月, 30-35页

Jingshu Zhu, Inconvenient Sampling: Methodological Implications of an Ethnographic Study on “Gay Men’s Marriage Fraud” in Mainland China, China Youth Study, 10/2016, 30-35
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本文以中国大陆“男同骗婚”话语为例,主张在对主流社会已存在常识性道德 评判的议题进行质性研究时,宜采用“不方便抽样”。该抽样方法要求研究者 正视可能削弱研究预设和结论的“不合时宜的事实”,呈现主流话语中被忽略 的主体和叙事。基于民族志研究,笔者抽选了一些不便被呈现的“同妻”样本, 展现这一群体的多样性和身份认同的流动性。在探讨方法论的同时,本文也对“骗婚”话语进行了批判性反思。


看不见的“不良影响” ——从一起同性恋商标行政纠纷案说起
褚宸舸主编, 自由与枷锁:性倾向和同性婚姻的法律问题研究, 北京: 清华大学出版社.

Jingshu Zhu, “Unhealthy Influences”: A Lesbian-Related Trademark Case and the Plight of Chinese Anti-Discrimination Legislation, in Chu Chen-Ge, ed., Liberty and Its Chains: Legal Issues on Sexual Orientation and Same-Sex Marriage, 2014, Tsinghua University Press.
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